Affirmative Action — A Trojan Horse

As there are only two options, there are only two sides: internationalist Marxist-fascist progressive liberal Democrats allied with internationalist “free traders” represented by greed-first, America-last Moderate Republicans against the good guys, Judeo-Christian ethical capitalist patriots. The Trojan horse in the above scenario is affirmative action also known as politically correct discrimination.

Some examples of problems with politically correctness include:


1. Equating love with promiscuity;

2. Turning compliment “great American” into meaningless greeting;

3. Eliminating profiling by height, weight, style of clothing, disability, age, sex, gender preference, race, ethnic background, and other characteristics. It seems one can only describe criminal who just murdered their family as un-aborted fetus seen leaving scene of crime;

4. Describing those as trying to re-solve a possible conspiracy as crazy people. Most prosecutors start trying to convict innocent until proven guilty by trying to prove their initial guess or conspiracy about crime is fact;

5. America’s public sector employing and promoting incompetent bureaucrats, then allowing them to use Marxist-fascist policies and regulations to destroy America’s ethical capitalist economic system;

6. Obama, America’s first affirmative action President, publicly known impacts on America’s domestic tranquility, national defenses, and constitutional integrity;

7. Increasing hatred between races and ethnic groups with affirmative action policies that Blacks and some other minority members can only acquire civil rights by depriving Anglos and some economic groups of their civil rights;

Refresher thought — patriots seek to save America’s economy, while affirmative action internationalists like Democrats and Moderate Republicans and their followers and allies seek to betray and sacrifice America’s economy by serving and preserving world economy.


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